Adams Outdoor Services LLC - Handyman Services

Small Improvements & Maintenance Projects

Do you have a punch list of several small improvement or maintenance projects throughout your home?  Sure we all do.  Instead of spending your evenings or weekends working on your home, why not hire a handyman to complete the projects for you?  With over 10 years of experience in the construction and maintenance field, we have developed the necessary skills for all your home improvement needs.

Whether it is a small drywall repair, leaking faucet, broken light fixture, damaged floor, or even hanging Christmas lights, we can help. We can even do your grocery shopping if need be.  The options are endless.

We offer half day, full day and hourly rates for your convenience.


(1)  Simply make a list of all needed repairs and email
(2)  Choose a rate: Full day, half day or hourly
(3)  Call to schedule a start date.


Full day (8 hours) - $325

Half day (4 hours) - $180

Hourly - $65/first hour, $45/hour each additional